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I am hurt and sad and feel really alone and need to get out

I am hurt and sad and feel really alone and need to get out of this toxic relationship of mental and emotional abuse I have to find
me again and I don’t know how to get me back amd get enough money to move out and get out of this i was once a strong confident women and now I just feel worthless the name he calls me and the things he says to me anything to hurt me and make me feel worthless and don’t know how to not feel this way and start a new life and get everything i have lost back

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Apr 16

Don't worry. We are here for you. We care. First you have to decide it's over. If you decide it's time to finally let go you then need to think in practical terms. Where to live to start. Can you move in with family or a good friend for example. Maybe you already have a place and want to kick him out. Once you have done that you can slowly rebuild your life. Really it's a step by step process. Of course you will eventually get back to where you were. Our brains are amazing. They store everything you have ever achieved and it's always there to resurrect again in the future. Plus you must have inner strength to have gotten there in the first place. That's part of your soul, the you who never goes away no matter what happens in your life. You can easily access this when things calm down and youre more settled and able to focus.


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