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I am emotionally abusive towards girls. When I love my boyf

I am emotionally abusive towards girls. When I love my boyfriend, then I will get a real bad attitude towards girls. It makes my boyfriend mad. I don't have any other female friends. Then, I am jealous that my boyfriend will leave me for my female friends. I was a homosexual one time and when I became straight then I abused girls emotionally. I can't stay on one side of the fence. I am handling my abusive patterns with a therapist.

GirlKitty's picture
Jul 10

@Speecialist91 I think you're doing the right thing by talking with a therapist; we can all benefit from talking with a therapist. I've been looking for a new one for myself. My former therapist retired.
Maybe, before you get abusive with the girls, stop and count to 10, give yourself time to think before you speak.
I wish you the very best!

Specialist91's picture
Jul 11

Thanks. I have had several therapists and I really like the one I talk with now. It is difficult to talk to family and friends about my personal problems, so it is all good. I am glad that others can relate to me or understand me better. Bye.

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Jul 11

I agree with GirlKitty. You are doing the right thing by taking with a therapist. Especially if you are comfortable with them. And I think the more you talk about it. The easier it will be to find the Hows and whys.
And for the time being. Counting to ten can help. And activities can help. Something constructive that you can put your energy towards. Almost as drain yourself so you don’t have the energy to be angry.
And I’m assuming that the therapist is working with you on finding the root of your anger towards women.
But please try to remember this. Try to be kind to yourself. Because even if you don’t see it now. There are reasons why you are the way you are. And once you truly understand those reasons. Then you can find the path you need to take.


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