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Hi- I'm not sure why I'm here. My husband is a good and lov

Hi- I'm not sure why I'm here. My husband is a good and loving Father to our 4 children, we are comfortable in life.... But sometimes I feel I'm in a prison in my marriage.

Sometimes things feel normal, but mostimes its not. I ask him why he bothered marrying me if he can't find anything good in me- always negative comments, always, never ever complements, absolutely no respect, does not care whether or not something bothers me, no emotional support whatsoever, horrible horrible mood swings, we can be having a good time and then he will just become angry for no reason whatsoever. Im so relieved when he says he is travelling, if he says he is going for a week, i wil wish it were longer, so i can have a break.I am TIRED. I'm a Catholic so I no divorce is a no go. Besides with 4 children, these poor things will suffer. I have noticed I am a very sad person on some days and in my sadness I think of ending my life, the thought unfortunately gives me some release. But I know this is not really what I want. Sometimes I regret marrying him, at the same time I wish I had a more loving spouse.

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rdpca1's picture
Dec 10, 2017

As abusive to you will probably be to your children. Please protect yourself and them from the emotional abuse it is very damaging over time

Littlesis7's picture
Dec 10, 2017

@Fufu Really glad we are all here to learn and share were very smart to share here and not hold it all inside (which is the worst thing and can make you sick). Hang in there.

Dec 11, 2017

Thanks guys


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