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hi im new and you the person you hate the most or annoys you

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hi im new and you the person you hate the most or annoys you so much you wanna kill yourself like you hate this so much you would rather die than be locked in a room with them for 2 hours. well now image your sibling or siblings been just like them and theres no escape for me and i feel like im gonna kill my sister or myself

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Jul 10

There is so much I want to say to you...it boils down to if ya keep focusing on how other ppl did you wrong...then you wont ever rise to your full potential. It's a choice to be a victim or survivor. It's a choice to leave or stay in abusive lifestyle. Take ownership of your life and use it to succeed and build the life of your dreams. Ppl have fought for freedom since the dawn of time. If ya keep seeing the things ppl do wrong to you then peace will forever be elusive. I also tango with suicidal thoughts...but if I succumb I will loose my chance of freedom. If I can give you any advice that you are willing to hear...dont seek retribution for grievances. That's the trap of pride. Find your passion in life and go after it. If you can learn how to create beauty out of s*** then you will find peace.

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Jul 10

@emmystrouble just inform you. He’s 14 years old.

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Jul 11

@Gone Fishing I didnt not know his age. I wish someone had told me this stuff tho when I was going thru similar times in life.


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