Hi everyone!i left my husband 5 months ago!For 1.5 months I

Hi everyone!i left my husband 5 months ago!For 1.5 months I had to live in a shelter for DV...it helped but was also awful for me!My ex was very mentally abusive & also took most of my life savings through deception and using his kids as an emotional black mail tool!he left me in an awful situation financially & emotionally ...I came from the UK ...although I like the US...I feel I got stranded in the wrong state...Arkansas ..& resent him for that!I can't go back to UK as I used all my savings on him & got into debt!I am nice looking but also live with a permanent std which leaved me feeling further isolated!I recently got a sales job but feel the set up of hiring & firing feels too abusive to me!I also feel my female boss who also disclosed she was in a DV relationship..has singled me out & been emotionally abusive to me.She keeps writing me up...after I complained to her I felt she had not trained me properly I was written up for insubordination...since then she has ignored me when I get a sale..but congratulates other team members...As soon as I made my target u was given new leads that needed editing and were very cold so I could note meet my target...She then wrote me up as a final written warning!I feel discrimated against ...by her am the only black woman on the team..I had to miss some training & she never went over anything with me ...& when I asked her for help she would stand over me & roll her eyes!Team members are mostly sweet & supportive & some have noted they see Whats going on...but I can see they are powerless to support me.any have criminal records & its their last shot!I never had a bad work record in the UK & don't want one here.The human resource manager is no help as when I spoke to her privately she completly sided with her.I try my best but feel the odds are stacked against me.I left the relationship feeling abused & now I feel abused by this line manager.Am in the Deep South...I realise my his and bought me here to isolates further...however,I now love in a
University town so its better than before ...but the work place seems very gang like here with workers being hired for who they know...I am also educated & feel my lines manager hates that.The human resource manager knows most of her employers secrets!It seems like she gossips about this to people she likes!...which I think is unprofessional.i feel trapped & isolated...as I don't yet have my license am trapped in low paid job although I have a degree.If I get fired I can't get food stamps as I have not been a resident for five years.The town I live in is medium sized...and employers seem to know each other!I feel very depressed & isolated...although I get support from the counseling service at the woman's shelter...I still feel the worlds against me
& don't know who to trust!

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Nov 3, 2013

Racism, hatred, passive aggressiveness...I am so sorry you are facing this every day!! No one should deal with this! It sounds as though you need to get out of that town, and head to to place where you will be welcomed, definitely a bigger city! Would the counseling services be able to connect you with social workers or references to help you get out of that situation?

Nov 3, 2013

Hi am not sure...but am going to get fired anyway as I can'tale the $2000 a week target they want on such cold leads!I need to stay here to finish immigration and divorced husband.Most people are kind here but its less progressive than the rest of US..there is a slave mentality in the low page jobs for all the workers.Without transportation its been so difficult...am going to look for a job I can do from home...but scared about being isolated further.i went to a local church...but unfortunately for me a woman was mocking the teacher behind me.,the preacher thought it was me & have me am evil look.i had felt comfortable there.I just feel so powerless & lost ..although people are generally kind..I just feel upset that I can't tell anyone at work how she is with me who can control her.am an easy firing target as the rest of the team are young men,new and a pregnant woman.So its easy for her to pick on me as the only foreigner.I really appreciate your support though!Thanks alot!

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