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Hi everyone, I'm new to this board but have talked with a fe

Hi everyone, I'm new to this board but have talked with a few of you probably on the relationships board. My first husband was emotionally and mentally abusive and I vowed I'd never get into that situation again. My current husband was amazing in the beginning but now, even though he doesn't call me names like my first husband did, I think some of what he is doing is emotional abuse too. Looking forward to reading others' posts and being a part of the group. Thank you.

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Sep 16

@sherril2291 He sometimes shows love by making sure I have plans with friends if he goes to the casino or fishing by himself, or buying me something small for no reason because he knows I like it. He also is amazing with my family. They adore him...but then again they don't know this side of him. Yet, he always takes the time to visit with them, searched all over for an antique pop bottle for my mom because a place that bottled it was near where she grew up, etc. When I get upset and press him on the issue that he doesn't say he loves me like he used to, he sometimes will say he loves me so much he'd do anything he could for me, including jump in front of a bus for me. I think he loves me, but I think like you said he has something going on inside him that he's keeping from me either partly or completely. Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary and honestly I don't know what I want to do about our marriage at this point. Thanks for the advice and support.

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Sep 17

I’m so sorry you are experiencing this again. I agree with other replies that he has pent up anger and you are the first target. He has something going on that he is not sharing with you and it comes out as anger. I would try and urge him to participate in marriage counseling. If he refuses, I definitely would seek it for yourself. I hope everything works out for you and I wish you the best.

Sep 18

Thank you. I am afraid to ask him because I don't want to hear him say no. I know I need to ask him though. I guess if he refuses I will know how much he actually wants to work on things, and then I will seek it out by myself.


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