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Hello... I grow up in a abussive house, and i'm still there.

Hello... I grow up in a abussive house, and i'm still there. It's hard to explain it, because, when you say it to other adult they just say "you have only one mother anyone will love you as she do" or "why don't you work in yours father company? Thats yours because he did that just to you to have a good life" but that isn't the reality and nobody lives the truth, except me. They just try to look perfect in front of the world.

I can take it anymore and i don't want to wait to graduate of college to do it, i'm here for their money because i can't pay the university.

Don't say "but get a work and get out there" bc i live in Venezuela, a 3rd world country, where with month of work you only can to buy 1 butter. I don't know a more exit that get a degree to get out the country and nevee see them again.

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Feb 12

Hello there.I did the same regarding college.I tryed to stay on my mothers good side until she paid for the last year.Now if she wants to keep me around her then she has to be civilised and drop all the abusive behaviours otherwise I'm out.So I'm not the best to advise you on this.But I also had therapy while in college so yeah..that really helps a lot.If theyr abusive is extreme and it's affecting you greatly maybe try grey rocking with them until you finish.Leaving it's not always an option,I get it.Especially in a poor enviroment it's very harsh and their financial support can be lifechanging in the long run.How much do you have left of college?

Feb 12

I started college the past year, now i'm in my 2nd semester (in my uni are necessary 10 to graduate), and that sounds a lot and so much time that a i have to keep living this

I would like to take therapy, but if i can't pay for sweets... now i'm searching for another option


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