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Has anyone been through bullying in an organization like Gir

Has anyone been through bullying in an organization like Girl Scouts? I was an adult volunteer for my daugther's girl scout troop. It was like gaslighting and bullying. I asked a question on a Facebook for a leader group, and the next thing I know I have three leaders going after me. I then asked the troop leader about the troop bank account, because I was concerned about troop funds being low. She told me that the other leaders felt like I was stepping on toes. I stepped down from my leadership position and quit. I asked to have my name taken off the troop bank account. I moved my daughter to another troop. I did my best to stay positive in the new troop and help out. Then at the beginning of this month, I check with the bank to make sure my name was off the troop bank account. My name was still on the account. It was a real low in my life. It was like someone used my social security number without my permission. But I finally was able to get the letter to take my name off of the account. It is like someone has taken the sunshine out of Girl Scouts for me, that motivation that kept me trying to be a better person and just get along with everyone. I just want to be alone. I just do not want to be perfect anymore.

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