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December 3rd, 2020


First time chatting about this rollercoaster ride iam on...


First time chatting about this rollercoaster ride iam on... I'm dating a man who was in prison for 7 years and now that we a living together I'm seeing things that are very scary to me but I fell obligated to stay for sooooo many reasons. I dont know what to do it fells like I'm in prison now. How do you love some who's damaged?

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Nov 23

Love should never be an obligation. If he scares you, that is permission alone to get the hell out!

Nov 23

Loving someone who is damaged will only get you damaged as well also. It will eventually start from killing your self esteem, anxiety, fatigue, irrational thinking, depression and complete damage.
I was there before and Then I discovered what completely changed my life and put me in the very best of life which I enjoy every bit of my life now and I'm eager to help others as well.
They're just three things that cause our greatest misery in life today, and the worse of them is the so called M O N E Y.
We will talk more on that some other time. Wanna keep this comment brief.
Check out this my short video on YouTube
And then contact me privately via:
Let me extend the help to you.

Nov 24

If the relationship puts you in fear, it is not a healthy one. There can be a host of reasons why you stay but if the relationship is unhealthy none of them is a good reason. We have to exercise prudence and take care of ourselves before we can help others.


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