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Yesterday I did my first job interview... When I got there

Yesterday I did my first job interview...
When I got there my mom made me go on my own which was not fun. It was kind of an application day/job interview thing.

I was trying to fill out the form and I was the last one there. I didn't really know how to fill it out because the only thing I did for preparation was fill out a faux application which I didn't really understand either. My mom didn't teach me about it she just kinda...gave it to me.

A few clarification texts from my mom later, I thought I had it all filled out and I handed it to the guy who was going to interview me. Turns out, I had yet to fill out the back. So the guy tells me to just fill it out right there which was.....not fun. I had to call my mom because there was a question I didn't understand and well..she started yelling at me on the phone.

My phone is really loud on calls so what that means is that the guy who interviewed me could hear everything my mom was saying to me. Things like swear words, and just..a lot of yelling.

At this point I'm quite literally on the edge of a panic attack because not only did I turn the form in wrong, but I was the last one to apply and my potential future boss can hear my mom swearing on the phone.

Well, I finally fill out the form and hang up on my mom. We start to do the interview and at first I'm stuttering really bad and on the brink of crying. The futher we go the smoother it goes because I start to calm down doesn't matter anyways.

I could already tell I wasn't going to get the job. The interview was rushed and his whole body language was giving me bad signals. Things like tapping his foot imaptiently, smiling in a thin line and such.

I go home. Me and my mom talk. And after all that she blames me for not being prepared.

I just....feel so cheated. My mom made it out as if it wasn't her responsibility to teach me.

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Feb 13

I'm sorry you had a bad time at the interview. Did you know that experience is the best teacher? Now you know a little more about what to expect. Each time you go through the process of learning something new, it will go more smoothly.

Feb 15

Oof. I'm sorry this happened. Hopefully the next time will go better, now that you've done it once.
I'd suggest: 1)always check the back 2)step into a more private space to talk to your mother, if you have to at all.
P.S. The smell after rain is called petrichor (pe-tri-kor). A pretty word, in my opinion.

Feb 19

So sorry you had no support from your mom. I heard growing up, apply for jobs you dont want so you gain experience and dont care if you dont get the job. These days you have the benefits of the internet. You can google job interview questions. Good luck in your search, each experience will make you better!


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