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My boyfriend is mental abusive and I want to leave the relat

My boyfriend is mental abusive and I want to leave the relationship. I just need someone to talk to.

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Jul 14

No, I do not have Instagram. I am glad that you find that to be very helpful. Are you able to get some family and friends help you out of your abusive situation? Can you tell me a little bit about what these videos from Instagram for healing from toxic relationships are about?

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Jul 14

Yes it would be time to decide do you want out of this abusive situation. I'm sure you deserve better as no one deserves to be abused. Definitely to find the support be it friends or family to assist you in getting out of this situation. Hope you are well and be safe.

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Jul 25

Hello Violet,
I’m very sorry about your post. How are you today? I hope you are doing fine.

Call Domestic Violence Hotline, 1-800-799-7233. Go to their website and you can also chat with their advocate anytime. I pray that things will go well with you. I hope to hear from you again. Stay safe. God bless.


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