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Thanks for being here folks. I am in therapy dealing with s

Thanks for being here folks. I am in therapy dealing with sibling abuse and I guess I've made progress because my healthy boundary setting has helped destroy two so-called "friendships" with toxic people as they can no longer tolerate my growing self-respect. Still involved with one friend through work, for the next two weeks, as I'm disconnecting my life from her and she is continuing to engage in passive aggressive and downright aggressive communication with me. Luckily I don't have to see her, but the notes, emails, and drama she's creating with my boss and my boss's boss about me are really hard to deal with sometimes. My boss and I have our hands tied about the situation and just have to bear with it for two more weeks. Any words of encouragement? Thanks!

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Jun 13

Your own business! Remember the old saying: "What do most millionaires have in common? They forge ahead AGAINST expert advice."

Jun 13

Thanks for the support on that, Ducktape. Finally feeling confident enough and in touch with what I want enough to be my own boss.

Jun 14

Exactly. When you wake up and stop being their push-over, they have a whole new, dark side.


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