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Since you guys are like an open diary to me, I'd like to tal

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Since you guys are like an open diary to me, I'd like to talk about a thing that happened last night with me and the narc. I guess gaslighting and manipulation in such a small format: last night around 12:30am she called me out of her sleep asking me if I was hungry and wanted pizza and I said it's pretty late (shes just having cravings) and she asked if I wanted to order something. I said..its too late at night and I doubt anything is open. In her words "well, you need to look it up and see" I told her "no you can look, I already ate here at home." That was the end of that. Thank you to the person who helped me see she is truly treating me like a slave and takes me for granted. And it explains my sleep deprivation, this lady doesnt let me sleep for sht. You give them an inch and they take a mile. Shes never did this with my brother at least not to my knowledge, ever. She treats me like my nana treats my moms sister which is my aunt. Who also happens to be a flying monkey and an instigator. I was just asking myself where they get it from and now i see lol

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May 21

Oh my goodness, thank you for bringing up the sleep deprivation. That is a slick and new maneuver for me....can't get used to it...but a smart one.

May 22

When she does that to you it's second nature...automatic she does not need to take time and think or plan as I'm sure you know. Unfortunately we learn to respond a certain way and that becomes automatic so to unlearn and relearn new ways takes a lot of exhausting work and practice. Most of my family aren't narcs and I was able to detach comepletly, they all do the same things to each other and it's normal to them. They have learned I won't do anything for them BECAUSE it's the "inch thing" maaaan they will take that and run. All of them will loan and borrow never pay back have excuses like we'll I cleaned your house for months so I don't owe you anything for bills or rent but still live there and steal omg it's the same song and dance year after year. Maybe it would be ok if they really were being responsible cleaning and doing things right and even when they clean they are stealing swiping anything in their path.

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May 22

My xNfromH would purposely sleep deprive me. You think at first it's just here and there and then realize they are trying to purposely deprive you to wear down and take control. This is the tactic homicide investigators use to wear down suspects! I watched a documentary about how interrogators have to learn to think like the criminals to figure them out. The criminal mind is scary. I honestly believe that most narcs have criminal minds. That doesn't mean they will all engage in felonious acts, but many are capable and certainly are wired differently from normal people. I think they are dangerous in so many ways. If they don't kill you with their bare hands, they're trying to destroy you with control and manipulations, taking your health away, aging you, raping your spirit, and not allowing you to have a life. When I realized I was living with a very dangerous man, I had to get away from him to realize just how dangerous.


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