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My counselor just told me that I'm in "active trauma" right

My counselor just told me that I'm in "active trauma" right now. I guess all the signs are there, but I was a little taken aback. I've just identified it as a rough patch....

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Oct 11

That was the other night. I could have called the police, but I don't know to what end. They have been called twice in response to public arguments. The second time he was in jail for 2 days because it was a Saturday night and the judge wasn't in until Monday. He ultimately wasn't charged with anything, despite attempting to kick out the police cruiser's windows. When he got out, he ranted for a couple of weeks about how he was wrongfully detailed and was going to sue the D.C. police department. Ever since then he has made comments about how the guys are always blamed, etc.

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Oct 11

Are there domestic violence shelters where you reside? I would recommend calling your local crisis resource line.

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Oct 11

Oh my!!! I responded to your other post before seeing this so please.....I just read he tried to kick out police windows!!! OMG! Get away from this man NOWWWW!!! You have a kid in there, too?!!! Please GO! You DON'T need this man to survive! Please safely exit and Never look back!!!


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