Looking Back In Hindsight, What Was The Very First Sign Or R


Looking Back In Hindsight, What Was The Very First Sign Or Red Flag In Your Relationship With A Narc Abuser, That You Wish You Had Paid More Attention To, But Brushed It Off?....

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Jan 20

I had know about healthy boundaries then I would have instantly thought that the whole idea was a bad idea. Looking back it is now very obvious that the Narc was very forceful with her emotions towards me. And I felt it, but didn't know that this is not a good thing.

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Jan 21

@Raymond77 YES! "everyone else has always just walked out of my life, so I know you are eventually going to do the same" I would get so frustrated when he would tell me that, and I wanted to do everything to prove I wasn't like those other people...that just turned into me sticking around for WAY to long after the abuse and cheating started...

Jan 21

@shelby1824 The narc really plays the victim in that manipulation -- knowing that by saying everyone has left me and you'll do the same, the partner will try hard to prove they're not like everyone else, and can be trusted. But the narc is also telling you a truth about himself -- they are terrified of abandonment, and can't tolerate being alone....


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