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I'm feeling frustrated right now with the justice system. I

I'm feeling frustrated right now with the justice system. I was told while the stalker was on probation, even one violation would place her in jail. She had called me multiple times hanging up (later admitted it), scratched my car, and purposefully doesn't charge her gps. Two weeks ago I got an offensive text traced back to her, then my bedroom was broken into and holes left in the wall (later found that she didn't charge her gps again that night). The courts have repeatedly decided to do nothing. It makes me feel like she is not going to stop stalking me, even after her gps device is taken off. I'm suffering from PTSD and anxiety since this has been happening for nearly 2 years now!!!!

Feb 10

I've had a stalker for almost three years. The nature is to create fear. Mine is the "Resentful Stalker." It's discussed in this article from Psychology Today:


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