I just wanted to know after dealing with a narcissist did an

I just wanted to know after dealing with a narcissist did any of you experience alittle bit of depression after i haven’t been able to really enjoy the things i love to do ive been pushing a lot of my friends and family away because i haven’t been happy or in the mood I just feel so empty.

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Jan 14

I went through all the emotions I feel like including numbness or unfeeling like your describing. My doctor actually the one noticed my mood and placed me on medication but I had bad reaction n stopped taking immediately. I have done things to try to heal and feel normal again without medication such as workbook exercises on trauma, prayer, counseling, exercise, and I did like Cheyenne also n treated myself like I was sick. I remember eating a lot of chicken soup in beginning n getting a lot of rest. Also remember to do things you enjoy even if it’s by yourself... whatever you can tolerate... I hope you feel much better soon!

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Jan 14

Cheyenne Your experiencing depression which is normal after getting out of a relationship especially when leaving a narcissist. I cried for 2 and half years. I'm finally feeling better about myself and my future. It's not just the lose of the person although that's part of it. It's the lose of future plans, the family unit, financial security, hopes and dreams, so many things. Try to stay busy and give yourself time to heal.

13 hours ago

Gosh, yes. It's super unmotivating dealing with a narc. There were times I was paralyzed emotionally because of it. It's truly rough you have to deal with this.


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