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I haven't written in a while. Child services finished their

I haven't written in a while. Child services finished their investigation. They found that I physically and psychologically abused my children... based off the children's lies. I brought up psychological abuse of the children and they said they could not diagnosis or confirm that and that it wasn't their job. Yet, they turned around and labelled me with it. They also are on the assumption that I talk **** about the ex in front of them. Every resource and support program has not been helpful.

I'm frustrated beyond belief. Not to mention the ex is stalking me. I have not been safe since the court released my address. However, I have come up with a plan to save myself since not only is the court not helping, but neither is anyone else.

The counselor that I speak to tried calling the same numbers that he gave me months ago. They lead to dead ends and he apologized. He also sent me an email applauding my plan for safety. It will be a high burden to bear, but my safety will trump my children's safety until they can stop lying. Plans are in effect to stop the allegations that Child services has "founded." It is complete bull**** that the ex is allowed to lie:
What he told child services - he'd love to have me get my visitation back
What he submitted to the courts - that he wanted full physical and legal custody

I have not seen my kids since 9/4/19. When and if I get to see my kids again - they are not to be trusted with personal info. This is hard for me because I love them and I know it is because they are products of their environment. I just have to keep the ones I love safe. The plans I have... the next time Child Services knocks on my door with their false allegations they will be met with tons of evidence to the contrary.

I am not a victim.

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Jan 12

Tragic you're going thru that drama. I truly hope things get better for you, and soon.

Karinah's picture
Jan 13

You must feel like your heart has been torn apart and sort of like "the insane people are running the asylum". When people lie and abuse systems it not only hurts the individual targets, it hurts society. It can actually lead to moral decay of a society because you no longer trust the "good guys" or systems to help keep everyone safe. And, while social services or the police are out working on false claims. Someone who genuinely needs help may be ignored because these resources are limited. But, like you said. You are not a victim. You will be brave and continue to fight for your child.


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