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I cook dinner yesterday night, narc mom eats leftovers and c

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I cook dinner yesterday night, narc mom eats leftovers and complains about it being "too rich" but stuffs her face with it anyway. She asks if I know how to make a sea food broil and u ask her if she knows how to make it. She got a huge attitude about it and says how I always get an "attitude" whenever she asks if I know how to make something. And the reason I said what I said is because literally everytime after she asks if I can make a certain thing she asks in a way thats sounds like a proposition and it follows up with her saying she wants me to cook it for her instead of her trying to make herself. I am not a dmn slave, I just made dinner with lots of leftovers and you still complain. I never do it to please her I do it because I need to eat and I know she'd never ever cook for me like this. The only medical issue she physically has is angina and high blood pressure, SHE IS NOT TERMINALLY NOR CHRONICALLY ILL. She gets her a$$ up daily to go to work, to play numbers and gamble and so on. She brings her guy friends over but they rarely bring her food and when they do I know she doesnt btch at them the way she does with me. The fact that she thinks she can keep going toe to toe with me is funny, this lady is miserably LAZY. Shes good at losing the best thing that god gave her and that was me as her only daughter. How sadistic.

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Oct 17

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm dealing with a narcissist mom myself and it's exhausting, but I'm trapped with her because I don't have enough money to move out yet, and I'm getting ready for work tomorrow. Dealing with a narcissist every day is exhausting when you tried everything to make them feel better, I guess. I'm sorry you are going through this.


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