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I’m new to this group as well. A little about me... I am

I’m new to this group as well. A little about me...
I am a 40 yr old who is utterly lost and stuck.
I have been with my boyfriend for over 17 years and I believe he has narcissistic tendencies .. I love him and hate him at the same time . He wasn’t always like the way he is now.. I think that is why I am still here..
I have no family or friends .. I have found that he has isolated me so badly I am all alone .
He is in an episode currently where he thinks I cheated with some random guy. I did no such thing .. he spray painted the doors with nasty messages and he moved some of my furniture to the corner of the living room... breaking some things in the process.. whenever I repaint he spray paints over it .. when I move the furniture back he puts back in the corner ..
why can’t I get the courage to leave .. is there anyone who has advice on how to make him stop being so nasty?

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Dec 1

I’m trying to get the courage to leave. It’s just so overwhelming. I feel like my whole life is crumbling and I don’t know if I am strong enough to do this. How can I start over at 40? I gave up so much for this man .. didn’t have children.. moved from a wonderful area in CT to be with him in a random state. I trusted him and loved him with all my heart. It just hurts so badly and I just want that hurt to stop.
He’s up now and now I have to go find my ear buds so I don’t have to hear him talk negatively about me to himself. Thanks for everyone’s advice.

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Dec 1

@Daniel1018, grey rock doesn't work with mine either. He'd just become way more angry. So all I can do is be civil and cope til I can get out of here forever.

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Dec 3

@Daniel1018, Oh, thank you for warning me. That's what I was afraid of because I'm stuck here til we sell the house because he can't afford spousal support til we sell. His girlfriend next door is bizarre as h*ck.


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