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Hi I’m new to the group I have a husband who gives me the

Hi I’m new to the group I have a husband who gives me the silent treatment and makes me feel like I’m the fault all the time . When I try to talk he blows me off then after I can’t take the abuse I shut down myself and can’t deal with him. Now I’m to blame again for not begging and calling him . What to do

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Sep 19

@Rob65, it doesn't sound "normal" or healthy for you. Open communication, love, affection, concern, forgiveness, reconciliation, restitution...these are healthy relationship endeavors. Stone walling, controlling, manipulating, phone blocking, punishing, etc, does not make for healthy marriages or relationships. If you see some of these negative traits, it may or may not be enough to overcome them through counseling. It depends. Is he a self aware sort of person that seeks personal growth? Or is he a shallow, selfish, closed minded, immature person.

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Sep 20

I’m in counseling asked him to attend but he refused. He does stonewalling a lot . We can’t have a conversation at all it leads to a fight. Mainly the criticism I was taking finally got on my nerves
So I
Started fighting back. So he likes to
Twist and make
Me feel like I’m loosing my mind like maybe I am to blame . Idk it’s so hard to
Deal with this .

Sep 20

I'm glad you are getting some counseling. So are you two in the same house but communicating through texting? How far away are you from your exit plan? I hope you are realizing none of this is your fault. These interactions you two are having are not normal. These ppl feed off of the drama. Try to gray rock as much as you can and just focus on yourself. Focus on what you are doing for yourself and for your narc free future. I agree, it's not going to get better, therapy won't make a difference for him.


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