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Hi I’m new to the group I have a husband who gives me the

Hi I’m new to the group I have a husband who gives me the silent treatment and makes me feel like I’m the fault all the time . When I try to talk he blows me off then after I can’t take the abuse I shut down myself and can’t deal with him. Now I’m to blame again for not begging and calling him . What to do

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Sep 28

So it’s not us it’s them boy they make you feel like it all you. I remember begging him to forgive me as he made it feel like it was me . I feel like a fool

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Sep 29

So I decided that I would get a tape recorder since most of the times I feel like I am going crazy. Good thing I did I have more evidence that I can bring to my therapist for help to deal with this. The worst words was I asked him so your not going to help with anything like if I need food and stuff for the family . He basically said what is it for me what are you doing for me . I give you money but what are you giving me besides grief and headache. I think that is when it kicked in how mean he was . I feel like the problem

Sep 30

That is rough.... Communication is a must in any relationship.

Praying for you!!


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