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AN IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR THE GROUP: A Member Of The Narcissist Group Has Proposed That We Should Have Separate Groups For Adult Children Of Narcissistic Parents, And Victims/Partners Of Romantic Narcissistic Relationships. These Were The Sentiments Expressed:

“I think that once you've spent much of your life in that situation, it eclipses the 'child of a narc' issues, and becomes focused on as the main thing that's causing trouble in the life of a victim of parental AND romantic narcs.”

“I think other people (children of narcs) who do not and never will ALSO identify as partners of narcissists may feel the same way as I do about feeling safer to share in a group with each other.”

My Point Is That At Least 50% Of Victims/Partners Of Narcissistic Relationships, Are Also Children Of Narcissistic Parent(s). The Question Is: Would You Feel Safer In Separate Groups?......

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Jan 12, 2018

Maybe delete the whole thing as it came up as a notification x

Jan 12, 2018

@Advocatus-Diaboli Thank you for your input, but it is now a mute point. The group will remain as it is; a wide umbrella group, as per SG. If someone would like to create a separate thread, for children of narc parents, I don’t see a problem with that......

Wispa's picture
Jan 12, 2018

Please can we get back to supporting or not supporting each other, reading, replying, offering support to anyone who's post strikes a chord with us . I have not posted for a little while and I am upset to be reading how this thread has been.
SG with all its posts has been a help to me in my year long journey, I hope this will not change. I am going to be totally honest here, certain aspects of the thread have reminded of of my narc exh, his terminology, turn of phrase, innotations etc, in other words it has been a trigger to emotions, memories I do not want to have, to the point of me writing this post, re-reading it, re-reading it, re-reading it for the last half hour. Here goes my post and I hope I have not upset others, that is not my intention.
With love and gratitude for SG of the past and hope for SG of the future.


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