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Almost a month and 1 week being narc free. Apart of me is so

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Almost a month and 1 week being narc free. Apart of me is soo relieved not being told what I can or can't do, isolated, belittled, threatened fighting, not having to see my kids treated lik they r in prison..but apart of me still hurts.
This is the longest I've gone not talking to him. The longest I've gone broken up.
It's all still very new to me. Rediscovering who I am has been interesting. I actually have my own opioions, feelings, ideas, and hobbies. Everyone here is supported. Loves me the way I am.
Yet, i still miss being in his arms.
I still have such a long way to go.
Thank you so much for everything on here.
U guys saved my life. And I know one day, his name, his voice, will only make me cringe and shiver..

Sep 13

Awesome, you're free from him.

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Sep 13

@Scat ty


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