What Is Your Greatest Fear?... What Is Your Greatest Hope?..


What Is Your Greatest Fear?... What Is Your Greatest Hope?....

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Mar 21, 2017

@EebyG Regarding the metal objects, it may be that you had a frightening experience involving a metal object when you were a child, that might've stayed in your subconscious -- it's just a guess. If avoiding them doesn't have a negative effect on your life, then I guess there are worse fears. I don't believe you really want to die, I think you're stuck in a trying and difficult time, and you want it to get better and be out of emotional pain and turmoil -- but you don't know how to make any changes, and yes, it is exhausting. I was there -- in exactly that place in the past. My life didn't just change, it was totally overturned and I was left alone to face utter chaos. My greatest fears had actually happened -- the world caved in on me (which had actually been my greatest childhood fear). I was abandoned and left with no manageable way to survive -- it felt like being dumped in the midst of the rubble left in the aftermath of a tornado. Alone, no directional signals, no one to turn to, no knowledge of what to do, or how to live on my own without money, resources, or support of any kind. I had been paralyzed with depression for many years. There was nothing except the choice of sinking or figuring out how to swim. It's a funny thing when a survival mode takes over -- I had wished I'd die for a long time, and even attempted suicide. Then suddenly, my entire being became totally focused on survival, and life seemed so precious when you really believe you're losing it. Life is like that -- things go wrong, obstacles and hurdles pop up constantly. But when you reach deep down and find the inner strength (that we all have at our core), you see things differently. The negative filter that drains out your energy, disappears -- and you see endless possibilities for growth and change. It's not the things life throws at you -- it's your response to them that determines your life....

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Mar 24, 2017

Yes you make a good point.

Mar 24

@Still02 Thank you!....


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