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“Hesitation Is Not Always Fear. Sometimes It’s A Functio


“Hesitation Is Not Always Fear. Sometimes It’s A Function Of Prudence, Intuition, Or Wisdom. Maybe You Sense You’re Not Ready, And There Is No Shame In That.”
— Unknown

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Jan 12, 2018

Everything happens in it's own time. Hesitation is actually healthy...and has many meanings. If we aren't ready for something...there is no shame. Exactly right. We all go at our own one can rush that. We set the pace

Jan 12, 2018

@Erebosprowl After reading your above comment, I am in such awe and amazement at your incredible strength, and the hellish journey you put yourself through. You didn’t lose me at all, but of course I could only try to imagine what it must’ve been like to relive that terrifying experience, through 10 year old eyes. I have always admired your strength, determination, and will. Also your enormous capacity for empathy, and how you always put your girls’ best interests first. I am so glad that you found a way to help yourself, and found a therapist to guide you through. But it was you who did the hard work, and that is why you see such improvement. I felt terrible and so frustrated that I wasn’t able to help you more, when you were here previously. But I knew you had the strength and potential to find a way that was right for you; and thankfully, you have. We can talk more in depth in PMs, and I so look forward to talking to you more......

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Jan 12, 2018

@pickone i had went way to far in my head to can be reach, i'm gonna PM you cause that's quite triggering for the thread.


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