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Has anyone ever dealt with a partner who runs hot and cold?

Yankeegirl71's picture

Has anyone ever dealt with a partner who runs hot and cold? We broke up, but he has not cut contact and it’s not only very confusing but hard to stay away..one moment he’s warm, and a couple days later reverts back to being cold..

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kelly72's picture
May 20, 2019

@Yankeegirl71 I literally watched my exNarc in action do stuff like this to people so it's strange seeing the behaviors before I really knew what he was. He was like a big toddler, lip sticking out, mad, pouting, pushing delete buttons and sending childish emails and texts to people. When he started picking fights with my first husband for no reason through texts (I know it was for supply), I called him out. He got mad saying I was taking up for my ex. Sad excuse is right. I honestly think they show up as humans but they're lacking essential ingredients to truly qualify!

Yankeegirl71's picture
May 20, 2019

@kelly72 yes and he thinks i I need HIM. He is wrong..I was fine before I met him, but I added value to his.

Technofreak's picture
Jun 16

Yankeegirl71: It seems all exes do this nonsense as mine does all this BS. I extended myself because he used to be a good man when we met and during our relationship. He eventually got with the wrong people (some from his past, Others from social media). Since then its in then out. Calling me when his trashy females are not there for him (past week 5 am in the morning when he normally goes online for his trash who was not there for him). Yesterday was just enough is enough moment. I told him what I have been holding in for too long. His BS nonsense and those trashy females he chose over our relationship. I know him so well and have seen the failure of his relationships which is when he calls acting like he cares. BS BIG TIME!!!


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