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Has anyone ever dealt with a partner who runs hot and cold?

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Has anyone ever dealt with a partner who runs hot and cold? We broke up, but he has not cut contact and it’s not only very confusing but hard to stay moment he’s warm, and a couple days later reverts back to being cold..

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8 hours ago

@kelly72 got my stuff from him yesterday and he literally had no emotion at all..then started talking about himself through text. How great his life is, doesn’t need a relationship, therapist friend said if it was really true he wouldn’t need to talk about it

4 hours ago

Yep I remember having panic attacks driving home from work. Never knew what mood my narc ex would be in and it terrified me.

3 hours ago

I always had the same feeling, eggshells, the bully texting while I'm at work and I don't know what I'm going home to. My son said years ago that his dad has 3 different personalities. I could really see a pattern with it too. Every 3 weeks I work a few evenings. This was often a trigger for him for his Jekyll/Hyde personality. He couldn't handle not seeing me those 2 or 3 evenings and getting his small fix so he would go for the big fix, by the weekend I wouldn't know if he was going to try and kick me out or what. So glad that is over.


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