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The friend of mine who told me I didnt have much worth livin

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The friend of mine who told me I didnt have much worth living for because I dont leave the house: he told me he actually had intercourse with a girl he's mentioned to me before. It happened in the past but I had no clue until he said so. I eouldnt have cared about it if he didn't emphasize about how they made love and he took her virginity. Coming from a guy who really wants to be with me? I tried to let it go but I realized how much he lied about stuff. He called me the next day and says how that thing he told me about him and the girl was a joke... ha ok. And how he thought my reaction is cute. Really now? Okay you little b. i. t. c. h., I'm not a joke and nor are my feelings. I havent spoke to him over the phone in close to a week. Hed called over 5 times and I refuse to answer it. 2 can play that game but only 1 will lose and hes the living joke if he thinks uts gonna be me lol. You havent dont sht for me other than cause me anxiety. You tell me you can see why my mom treats me the way she does because I'm "condescending and manipulative" how ironic, that's him. Then the my life isnt worth living. And now this. I've never felt do happy to nor answer a phone call lol. Dont ever think as man who knows my struggle and what I go through that you'll play me, make a joke of me or think I need you when you've never ever did sht for me nor will I ask you for anything. These ppl never stop lol.

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May 23

And PS they are all ridiculous and ignorant. Grasping at straws to feel something.

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May 26

@zee4ward Narcs don't like to be exposed.

May 27

Wow. He is super toxic. You are on the right path. No contact, ever. Good riddance.


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