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The Following Is From Melanie Tonia Evans’ Article, “Is


The Following Is From Melanie Tonia Evans’ Article, “Is It Possible To Truly Love A Narcissist?”

“There is a distinct difference between intense narcissistic relationships that are designed to show us what we need to heal and integrate back to Love within ourselves, and true soul-mate relationships which show us the level of True Love we have become within ourselves.”

“Those who have experienced the true soulmate relationship, describe it this way:

How much they respect and adore their partners.
That they know they are with their soul-mates.
Their partners’ integrity and how calm and solid these men or women are.
How the relationship just gets better and deeper in love every day.
The honesty there is in the relationship.
How when you are with your soul mate, you are completely free to be yourself.
That their partners love their quirks and imperfections.
How there are no insecurities, repeat disagreements, drama or power plays.”

Have You Experienced Any Of The Above Qualities In Your (Narc) Relationship, After The Idealization Phase?”

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YoungAndAlive's picture
Feb 13

Wow I can’t tell you how much I love this post. It puts everything in perspective. Thank you so much!

Feb 13

@YoungAndAlive You are so very welcome!... I am very glad to hear that you’ve found it helpful......

Feb 14

NOT ANOTHER SPAM!!!... There are NO spells to save souls; you have to save your own. Please ignore; SG will be notified. Thank you!......


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