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The Following Is An Excerpt From An Article Entitled: “3 S


The Following Is An Excerpt From An Article Entitled: “3 Steps To Stop Missing Your Ex, Breaking The Trauma Bond, And Starting A New Life.” It Lists The Ways In Which Narcissists, And Other Cluster “B” Personality Types, Lure You Into The Cycle Of Abuse:

“The Spiraling Down:”

“If you are someone who’s been in a relationship with a narcissist, or another Cluster B combo, you know how easy it is to slip into one and how hard it can be to detach.
They will use all sorts of tactics to get you there. They will:

1. Push intimacy and sex to seal the feeling of a connection;
2. Amp up drama and intensity to focus all of your attention on them;
3. Share their secrets with you so that you do the same in return (this will give them leverage for later blackmail and using shame to control you);
4. Lie and make up overwhelming success or pity stories to get you to buy into the image of themselves they are trying to sell you;
5. Use trance-induction to alter your perception of reality. I wrote a long post about this titled: How Manipulative People Use Trance Induction to Lure You into Their Trap.”

How Many Of The Above Manipulative Tactics Has Your Narcissist, Or Ex-Narcissist, Used To Lure You Into Their Abusive Trap?......

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Aug 15

@kelly72 Isn’t this article amazing?!!... I was thinking the same thing, and was planning to post it on a separate thread. I agree that it should NOT be missed by any victim/survivor of narcissistic abuse. I knew the link was not enough for this one. It will be posted as an original thread, shortly. Thank you!......

Aug 15

The first 4 points for sure. Must read your post for the fifth one , but too sleepy now, tomorrow will read it and confirm if she used the fifth too.

Aug 15

@osagardis Yes, definitely read my posted article regarding “Trance Induction,” when you have a chance. I posted it separately because it is a fascinating and informative article, that should not be missed by victims/survivors of narcissistic abuse......


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