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I’m truly struggling and ruining my new relationship becau

I’m truly struggling and ruining my new relationship because of my past! I found a new guy that has completely swept me off my feet. He does absolutely everything a guy should do in a relationship. He listens, doesn’t judge, respects me, is open, supports me, tells me how proud he is of me but I still can’t help but try to find something that he’s doing wrong. He also has his demons from his past and is going thru a recovery process and I feel like I overwhelm him with my past and I’m going to push him away and lose something so great!!! Some days I find myself crying for absolutely no reason and overthinking everything little thing because there just has to be something wrong with him. But I know deep down he’s trying his hardest to be by my side and be understanding of the awful terrible relationship/place I came from. He always lets me vent and always listens. I don’t know how to cope with such a great relationship after such a ****** one.

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Aug 13

@pickone thank you for the suggestion! I ordered the book yesterday should get it in the next day or two!!!

Aug 13

Take your time with the new relationship. And talk to a therapist. It’s ok to talk to your boyfriend but a good therapist will guide you and help you heal.

Aug 13

Your new boyfriend does not deserve to pay for something someone else did. Just like you do not deserve to stay stuck in a destructive state. It is possible to break free from all of this and find peace. I hope you can connect with a good counselor and work hard at healing so you can live in that freedom you deserve.


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