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Of course my mom leaves me at home with no food and she does

PeppermintSunrise's picture

Of course my mom leaves me at home with no food and she doesnt get home until the morning. And it would be nice if she didnt guilt trip me "I know you're hungry, I'm hungry too" can y please shut up and get your **** together as a mom?! If you stop spending money on gambling we'd have food here but you love to play the pity card and you love acting so fcking useless if it means someone can do it for you. If anyone is lazy it's you and I'm tired of sinking with you. I hate the ppl you know for not even offering to help me, you just have them thinking you have so much under control. You csnt seem to do **** because you dont try but yet you have put me down while lifting me up the way you want since I was a child. And fck the family because THEY ARE NOT THERE!! Dont ask me to keep giving myself to ppl who dont even help me for ****, why cant they come to me?! Fck you all I'm not kidding. I love you but I've done nothing but keep my mouth shut while you hurt me so much that I nearly forgot my fcking name. And mom, you have a married guy friend that you let lay in your bed and you receive gifts from ppl while I get nothing. My god how I wish I had the guts to just kill myself but I dont. No friends, no family to help. I cant barely help myself right now. I cant say I care about anything rn, I can't see happiness for sht at the moment. I'm so busy trying to fake being happy thinking it'll make me happy but I end up feeling worse. You can never tell me I didn't try and if you feel that way then go to hell and leave me alone.

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Dec 2

Peppermint, I feel you, I believe. Read your profile. 23? Why are you living at home with a mother like this? You mentioned a "hump" to get over. Sounds like you may have several humps. Do you have a top ten list of things you need to do immediately? Top 3 to 5? Just asking: I or no one else needs to know except you, unless you want them to know. Wishing you the best. Peace

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Dec 2

@PeppermintSunrise, makes sense that's all you can do. Sometimes just one step at a time is less stressful or confusing.

Dec 2

PeppermintSunrise I experienced a similar situation with my mom while growing up as a child. There was hardly any food in the house. Food is a basic need and to this day as an adult I still buy way more food than I should. Maria is right in that it is important to be independent and try to break the cycle.


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