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Is it just me, or do narcs and people with strong narc chara

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Is it just me, or do narcs and people with strong narc characteristics seem to have a pattern of treating the ones closest to them as if they're the dumbest people they've ever met? Devalue ANY thing that upsets you by way of trying to make you feel stupid, justifying or dismissing the thing.

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Mar 26

Just seeing this ... wow, maybe
not such a blessing ???

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Mar 26

@Living4Peace yep. My sister tries to undermine, demean, and dismiss. I won’t allow it. The last few days of not talking to her have been glorious. Today being the best of all. I started my day listening to some Christian music and it lifted my spirits so much. My whole day was better than it’s been in months.
Getting out in the sun helps as well. But had I not started my day right with that Christian music, I might never have gone outside. Especially if I had been talking to her. You can’t go to them and expect a normal response. The support that you want. I’ve been trying with my sister for a year. And if they ever do it .it’s fake. They have some Ulterior motive.

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Mar 26

@Jack007 I’m so disappointed to find out my sister is a narcissist. I had stopped talking to her for 14 years for other reasons. Didn’t know this until a year ago when I started talking to her again.

The only reason I was doing it was to get close to my nieces. And now I’ve done that. So I can kind of go around her and talk to them without talking to her.
:-)) Yay!


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