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Hello :) Went to my counseling session yesterday and things

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Hello :) Went to my 3rd counseling session yesterday and things went very well. She helped me realize not eating and sleeping properly is hurting me more than doing good. I always feel pressured about my body so I often think that starving myself will help slim me down, after all I'm on the chubby side so why not. Plus I've picked up these habits from my mom, I've seen her fo everything the unhealthy way including picking at myself. But she (counselor) told me it's not about me losing weight, it's about getting my body and mind to a healthy place which got my attention becauseive been hassledsbout my weight since childhood.---i also keep apologizing to her each sessions about me talking too much because I truly do think I do. I keep beating myself up for saying too much and I'm still subconsciously and consciously protecting the abuse that ive been through and projecting the abuser which she can see that it's emotional abuse and that I've been dealing with a control freak all my life. I'm just afraid of people thinking I'm the crazy one when I talk about it because there are SO MANY THINGS I've been put through as a kid and growing up with just my mom alone. That's so much to talk about due to being constantly picked at throughout my whole life. On the brightside, I've been doing well with keeping up with my schedule the best easy I can and ive been able to make it to every appointment.


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Sep 19

Glad that you are having counseling— good for you! Great job!

As to weight: embrace your curves! Starving never accomplishes anything.

Sure, eat healthy and exercise if you would like (it can definitely improve your mood)— but do not starve yourself!

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Sep 19

Depending on how much activity I do for the day dictates how much I eat. Less energy I use less food intake. More energy equal more food. I do work out but that’s because I am getting older and still need a strong body for the type of of work I do.

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Sep 19

I feel for you and its not easy when you try to stand up when someone keeps coming along and just knocking you back down. Butyou must give yourself credit, we all have to, to try the best we can to lift ourselves out of this mess. Your making the appointments, and that s good thing, you are on the right path. I was invited to a party and had to find a dress because I had none, and all I did was feel FAT in the dressing rooms. and it really brought me down. Its so hard to feel like you look horrible but later I tried my best to say you know what? who cares..who cares..I'm doing the best I can.


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