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[Parental Rant] • Instead of telling me to make goals for

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[Parental Rant] • Instead of telling me to make goals for myself maybe ask me if I have them instead of assuming I have zero fcking ambitions. and when you ask I can happily tell you who's in my way and why I can't do what you do and just up and freakin leave. Some of you patents really want your child do be something but are barely willing to be there when they need your help. Some of you dont motivate your kids at all and leave other patents to do it for you and then blame your child for not wanting to talk to you. Some kids and young adults dont even have close friends and a second family, we're really stuck and flat out hurt. Have u ever thought maybe they are scared of you? I have goals but I'm so sorry I can't reach them by myself. You favor one child while holding down the other one. And all the while you'll always get more gratification because you're the parent. No matter what happened they feel more bad for you than anyone and are quick to belittle the child. You wanna take responsibility for their accomplishments but never wanna hear the wrongs you've done, you'd rather through your kid under the bus and in the mud than to admit it's you thats possibly causing the issue. Many of us have goals but you wouldnt know because either they aren't good enough, you wont help us reach them or you find a way to make us feel like **** when we dont know what to do. It's bad enough that times have changed and its becoming harder and harder for younger people to even be trained for work. No one wants to train anyone but they want you to reach that goal and work like this. With what training? Many kids would love to say their parents were by their side on a positive note but unfortunately that's not happening. You pride yourself on working this and that job yet your kids dont trust you mentally. Stop bulllshtting your children and help them, there are actually children and young adults who are trying and never get noticed for it unless they start to really act out which is a sad way to get someone's attention but its the only way you'll pay attention.

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Dec 2

I am so sorry you are going through all of this. Children look to their parents for support and direction and I feel terrible that you haven't had that. It can be scary to break free even at my age. Can't imagine at your age. You are stronger than you know.

Dec 3

Thanks for sharing this, it hurts. It really hurts for me to admit it even to myself, but I understand. We'll keep going and trying and trying and trying.

Dec 15

parents are always seen as you they do no wrong and it isn’t fair. my therapist sided with my mom. no one seems to understand that they arent always gods. i feel for you.


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