This week's Topic: Giving yourself credit for the person you have become!!!

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Nothing I do is gonna be good enough lol. I could give you m

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Nothing I do is gonna be good enough lol. I could give you my life and somehow in the future you'd still be complaining. You've seen me in a hospital bed at my worse and you still complained. Yet I have to be nearly devoted to mending a relationship that you ruined all because no one can see or hear what you do when you're alone with me. Yiu even show off in front of your friends but I still have to give me all. Why? Because you're a mom? Or because you enjoy knowing you have control over me because you know I respect you. But do I get respected as your child? Of course not. I must not matter unless I'm doing something for her. Whatever lol.

Feb 13

Yeah, but since you're accepting how she is, you know not to seek validation from her and know she's incapable of giving anything you need. : (


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