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Hello everyone, there is now a petition to sign on Change.or

Hello everyone, there is now a petition to sign on calling for Cheating, Lying, Double Lives and Affairs to be recognised as intentional abuse. Here is a link

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Ellen4550's picture
Nov 11

@Limp LOL!! Actually it is just kind of a running joke around here about punching him in the face...I would never...not a mean bone in my body...that's why I stayed with a cheater and let the cheater divorce me to be with his, you can see why I joke about punching him!!!

devastatedinptbo's picture
Nov 11

@Ellen4550 I’m not a violent person either but I’d love to punch the ow in her face! That would be very satisfying I think. And her huge nose would be an easy target. lol

Nov 11

@Ellen4550 - Ellen4550, I know, they drive you nuts! I confess, I did creep up behind mine with a saucepan not long ago and I really nearly did it!!


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