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I think I might be going through emotional abuse but I'm not

I think I might be going through emotional abuse but I'm not for sure anyone out there that could help me?

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Jan 13, 2019

@Blueberries1234 thank you this really brought my situation to the light i now realize what my mom has been doing to me

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Jan 14, 2019

@Applepies04 Im happy that you can stop second guessing at least. It took me a long time to face reality, but often parents might be trying to be helpful and other times it is very intentional, and either way it hurts. It's important to take care of yourself though, and ALWAYS validate your feelings and emotions. If you have social anxiety( as an example) then really look at what messages youve been absorbing and from where. Just because someone is a parent doesnt mean you are born as their slave to be what they need. When someone buys a dog, they are responsible for it to take care of it and love it. When someone has a baby, they are responsible for the same. It is not your fault. They decided to have a child. You owe your parents nothing.

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Jan 14, 2019

@Applepies04 Kind of the cool part about these forums...lots of people care about you even if we've never met. If you do want to contact someone, 855-382-5433 has a great team of people who can get you connected to a counselor. I know someone there can help...I've dealt with them plenty of times.


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