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November 19th, 2020


Hi, I'm just reaching out because I've been feeling anxious,

Hi, I'm just reaching out because I've been feeling anxious, sad, triggered, happy, and just very introspective.
So, 2 things happened recently that triggered me. 1 was with a long time friend and the other happened through boredom and watching YouTube.
I've known my friend for almost 20 yrs. However, we had a falling out quite a few yrs ago because she has some selfish tendencies and was where about treating new friends better than old friends. Flash forward, we reconnected and have been becoming close friends again or so I thought. Then the other day I find out she is being secretive with her other friends about me. Hiding that she is my friend and basically lying to me about of renewed friendship. Made me think back to school when I was being bullied and my supposed friend at the time (different person) told me "I can be your friend at home back not at school cause I don't want them to tease me too". So I've been sad. Then to quell the boredom or relieve stress I was watching YouTube.
This is the 2nd part of why I'm triggered and emotional. I ended up watching an interview with Elizbeth Smart. Kidnapped as a child, raped, tortured but eventually rescued. Her story is upsetting for sure but what got me is that she said she knew her parents loved her, supported her, let her have time to heal and ended up being her therapist. I thought back to my childhood and it just made me realize how different my life was from that. I concealed things that happened to me because I knew I had a different home. It has just triggered my memories. Odd.
Anyway I'm just reaching out cause I wanted someone to talk to. I'm lonely. This was making me depressed. And I needed to put it in words so I could come to grips with stuff. Thanks

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Nov 18

Sounds like your range of emotions has been all over the place and that definitely makes sense based on what you shared and based on the introspection you have been engaged in. Have you ever had the chance to talk with a counselor about any of this?

Nov 19

@kvolm2016 hi- I've been feeling better actually. I just needed to talk it out I think. Thanks ☺

Nov 20

@Mighty_mert glad to hear it!


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