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:( Yesterday the OW contacted me. She had no idea he was se

Yesterday the OW contacted me. She had no idea he was seeing both of us. She got a hold of his phone and saw that he had my name as somethign else under his phone ( I was not aware of this). We spoke briefly and she is really done. We are both horrified and disgusted at the level of manipulation that occurred having two relationships at the same time.
Even though she reached out to me, he is blaming me for being in contact with her. He hasn't even checked on me, and instead appears to be in total survival mode and only focused on himself. The time he has texted me he's called me an "f***ing idiot" and that i gave her too much ammo, etc. We both just answered each other's questions, that's it. But of course, this is somehow all of my fault...

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Nov 8

@Simplicity17 All in good time. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Even though you have suffered much pain you will become stronger than you ever imagined.


Same thing happened to me except I reached out to his ex. Part of the time he was with her he was also with me. He and I knew. She didn't. I didn't know for a long while that she existed as his girl friend. They had been broken up for six months. The way he talked she was, what is that word, oh yeah, CRAZY. She shared a lot of awful thing with me about him before she began to hold me responsible for it. When she contacted him after I told her, she said he told her I was CRAZY. That he was just trying to help me through a rough spot!!!! (He being the rough spot) He then told me I was dead to him, that I would get no second chances (????) and to stop harassing her. Never harassed her. Just told her and apologized profusely to her.

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Nov 8

@Why23 I’m sorry. That is just unacceptable. Don’t let him treat you like that. You need to believe you deserve so much better. Take control. The ball is really in your court. He is trying to manipulate the situation by trying to blame you. So immature.


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