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Is it normal to feel nothing at all while having sex? Yes i

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Is it normal to feel nothing at all while having sex? Yes i hold resentments against my husband (nothing about cheating hes always been faithful) but I'm also extremely self conscious. But im getting frustrated, the sex gives me absolutely no satisfaction or pleasure. (He ONLY penetrates) I purchased a vibrator and we tried it once but i just couldnt enjoy it. (I also had no idea how to use it as i had never had a toy before in my life) but I am so sexually frustrated im going crazy! I just dont want to anymore yet i always give in to him after saying no a few times. I still love him with every ounce of my heart but he has hurt me thats true. Can that hurt and trauma physically effect me this way? Is something wrong with me? Any ideas? Im just at a loss. I absolutely love sex and especially climaxing but i just cant and havent with him in about 2 years. Can your heart effect your physical feelings like this? I really really want to get past this.

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Jul 31

@Lossoflust16 yes that makes it very hard to get time to work on yourself and get some help. i hope this site will be able to help you some. we have lots of people willing to listen and support each other.

Aug 2

Sex isn't just physical in my opinion. I'd suggest trying to remember a time you seemed to enjoy. Then sometime when you are alone and comfortable and relaxed try guiding yourself with a toy of your choice. Play and discover. See what works, but remember that your fantasy in your mind will be half the experience. Then if you start to enjoy something again, you might be able to transfer or use this experience with your partner, but even if it doesn't work with them, you will have pleasured yourself and had some enjoyment again. Good luck. You are not "broken".


Does he watch a video. They have some for Romance especially for the ladies. Yes and Keep those fanacies in your thoughts. Don’t get in your head. Enjoy and relax. Talk with your lady friends. You got to make it happen.


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