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I'm new and attempting this online support because I feel li

I'm new and attempting this online support because I feel like I've run out of options. Some days I don't know how to keep going. My significant other has continuously lied and deceived so much that I'm losing touch with my own sense of reality

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Jul 14

Of course. Please reach out at any time. I'm happy to help. We can help each other.

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Jul 15

@My2worlds Covering for an abusive person due to your own embarrassment is just twice the stress. So what if you were fooled again. I'm going to be blunt and tell you that you will look more foolish for trying to cover it than allowing it to unfold as truth. It will make you look deceptive and weak. Many people were fooled more than once. What matters is you rise up strong, wear your armor and fight your battle so you can get off the battlefield for good. Being angry about what you've done won't solve it so use that anger productively, use it as fuel and you're even that much stronger. Stay strong, stay calm, keep'll get there. You can do this!

Jul 15

@kelly72 thank you you're words are helpful and accurate thank you.


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