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I've been dealing with on going depression for about 5 years

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I've been dealing with on going depression for about 5 years now, do you think it gets better? I moved out of my mom's after an altercation with her in which she began to hit me, I moved in with my dad only to move in back with her. I don't know how to feel or what to do

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Mar 12

@CKBlossom thank you

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Mar 12

It's hard to find a job yea... are there employment agencies nearby? Otherwise it might be good to apply for social support/wellfare, at least in the short term. The other thing is to talk to your student loans and ask for a bigger loan allowance. Spend money wisely and explore how to budget.

Regarding depression, try eating chia seeds and smoothies (buy a bag if frozen fruit/blueberries every morning. A mini blender is an amazing investmenf. Diet and sleep helps with depression.

The other thing I would recommend is looking into narcissistic personality disorder videos online, specifically covert narcissism and trauma bonding. I hope you minimize contact with your abusive family members. It gets better if you dont give up. A good therapist can help a lot, and in the meantime download apps on your phone for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It is used for treating depression. Helps a lot.

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Mar 13

@Nora_is Sure!


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