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Anyone on.. 2:20am and emotional wreck... And I just don't k

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Anyone on.. 2:20am and emotional wreck... And I just don't know what to think reyt now.. Ma heads on overload :( so many mind games I can't take it

Jan 12

I'm only available to give my two cents right this minute. If you absolutely cannot fall asleep, go do something, anything else. Have a snack, play some music, do some cleaning. I've found that sprinting or exerting myself real hard can help too. But, most importantly, know in your heart and mind that you're going to get through this. You're hella strong. You've been through so much. You can take anything. It's true.

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Jan 12

I can tell u ladies a story once there was a kid Nick he was different in high school instead of loser this guy was a hero save a girl from bad guy at school poor Nick was angry at the guy and the girl for not asking any help she gave him a upset Nick quickly hugging the girl and whispering in her ear that he love her and it going to be ok


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