My dad just yelled at me saying I’m messed up in the head,


My dad just yelled, "What's wrong with you??" at me saying I’m crazy, messed up in the head, I’m useless and I’m stupid all because I couldn’t tell where the water line in a tin filter was. He was pointing at it and everything but the reflection just made it impossible to see. He’s yelled at me every day since Thanksgiving for seemingly no reason. Fml I don’t get how he doesn’t realize how much his words affect me. Every time he yells at me, I just start crying and become upset for the rest of the day he knows but he seems completely unphased by it and keeps doing it. Then, a while later, he can act like nothing ever happened while I'm still in a bad mood. I hate how one little, tiny thing can trigger him and he acts like it's the end of the world. Makes me feel like I can never do anything right.

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Dec 2

@KFH520 welcome to the club =)

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Dec 6

@KFH520 He won't change because he's controlling. Twenty three is a difficult age; you're still trying to figure life out and what you might want your future to be. He's like this with everyone who he can get away with it with. Can you think about moving out, and being self sufficient?

Dec 6

@mmadlecl I've talked to him about moving out before a few years ago and he just said a bunch of things about why I'm not ready to move out and etc. I'm mostly still financially dependent on them so that's why I'm still living with them, but other than that, I'd think I'm pretty self sufficient.


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