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November 19th, 2020


Hi tw. I have ednos tendencies. I google things I should

Hi tw.
I have ednos tendencies. I google things I shouldn't connected to ed. I purge bit find way if hiding it. I over excersize at night sometimes to the point of burning most calories. When get really stressed I under eat. I don't know how to tell anyone but feel I need support which is why I came here

Jul 14, 2019

Hi Kjee,
So glad you found this site! What you are going through sounds really tough, and I think you are very brave to have written here!

Regarding needing to tell someone, yes, you are wise to realize that; as ED can lead to very serious health problems. It can also be very difficult to tell someone, so I understand that dilemma!

So I'll start by asking you: Who have you already considered telling? I don't mean you then ran out and told them; but who is on your list as a "maybe"?


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