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I'm a teen and have had severe eczema my whole life. I have

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I'm a teen and have had severe eczema my whole life. I have never met anyone else who has it as bad as I do. It's such a challenge to do everyday things. Everybody looks at me like I'm different, because I am. I get asked questions all the time, and people who have a minor case tell me to try this, or use this. I honestly get a little annoyed because they only have it seasonal or in one spot, while I have mean head-to-toe. I've been to doctors all over the state, and even in other states and I can't seem to find a medicine to help. Steroids only mask is, not really heal it. And I hate going on steroids because it messes with my hormones and emotions and brings back unwanted feelings which has led me to being really down lately. When I went off the steroid, I bounced back and flared up even worse. Taking showers are hard because my skin is just so sensitive, and trying to deal with acne and eczema when they mix is a pain. I don't really know what the moral of this story is, it's just hard keeping all of this to myself with no one to understand me.

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Mar 13

Hi AnybodyRelate,

I can relate most definitely. I have had eczema all my life and I understand your struggle and your annoyance with people who tell you, oh you should try this or that.....arggg. It's like they think you just sit around and don't do anything to help yourself, of course, you do!!! I once had a lady that told me if you pee'd on yourself it would cure you. Seriously!! Ewww!!

Aside from some crazys, most people really do are hoping they can help and some people do have good ideas. Support groups like this are excellent for finding out what works for some people.

I hope you feel better soon!

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Mar 14

@TinToronto Thank you for your commitment! It feels so good to know that people understand what I’m going through! :)

Aug 13

Hi, sorry for your problems. I had eczema very bad about 20 years ago. I strongly believe it was due to allergens in my carpet. Dust mites (very small bugs) live in carpeting and feed on shedded human skin (gross I know). The excrement from these dust mites is what caused my eczema I believe. The best thing to do is to get rid of old carpeting. Replace with hard surface flooring that can be cleaned easily. If you can't do that, get the best vacuum you can find and vacuum regularly. Get a vacuum that has a good filter so the dust doesn't fly everwhere. Also, to protect your skin, eat healthy fats - flax seed oil, olive oil, fish oil. This will help protect your skin. Don't use soap on your skin every day since it can dry it out.
Good luck!


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