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Umm...I am new to this website I am quite young and having t

Umm...I am new to this website I am quite young and having trouble loving my body...during the school year I skipped 2 meals a day..
Which caused me to go underweight a lot more then I should be to be exact 2p pounds under and I still hate how I look well at the end of the year...I told my closest friends mix of guys and girls the guys were caring and just listened on the other hand my closest girl friend she got really mad even tho she is addicted to working out ortherxia but got mad so I stopped how's it's the summer and I don't know what to do I can go back to how it was skip 2 meals again she'll never know right? Well..? Sorry abt my ranting :(

Jun 12

Callie, I am so sorry that you are facing this. I have been there and it is difficult, I know. There are online professionals that can help with this for free. I am here for you too. It is not safe for your body and future (reproductive and mental) safety/health. Big hugs.Please reach out to me if you need advice or help.

Jun 12

I would love to talk to a therapist abt this but....I just can't tell my mom...please could we talk?


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