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Today is the anniversary of my brother's death and I keep th

Today is the anniversary of my brother's death and I keep thinking about food I went to my clients and picked up her McDonald's 10 piece nugget and fries she did not want 6 and told me to throw them away so I wind up eating them and a few fries I feel so guilty I was doing so well I worked out extra hard today two and a half hours also ate my meal Preps when I think about it I felt like is this a start of me getting off control again I wanted to throw it up but I couldn't feel kind of bad

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Mar 12

I now it is hard, but let me remind you have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. Remember control is an illusion. You are not. You are a real human being, with all the imperfections, amazingness and strength that comes with it. Maybe today it didn't go as planned, but that doesnt mean it is a failed day.

Mar 13

Thank you...its a new day to do better


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