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So my doctor is pressuring me to go impatient (I only see a

So my doctor is pressuring me to go impatient (I only see a doctor because of my hypothyroidism. I wouldn't go to one but unfortunately I have to because otherwise my life is a living hell). His reason is I have to treat my underlying issues. I told him I can't afford impatient even if my insurance didn't deny it (my weight is "normal" so you know they wouldn't), which is true. I can't do an IOP because there isn't anything in a reasonable distance from my house. What I didn't tell him was a lot of the underlying trauma was caused by doctors/the medical establishment (not him, he's the only doctor I've had a good experience with) so I can't trust doctors to help at all. How can I effectively tell him I refuse without being mean to him? A lot of the reason I don't trust doctors is because of former colleagues of his that are pure evil so I'm not comfortable telling him why. Also, I really have gone back to my real self these past few months. Funny, know how to laugh, go out and have fun.... so I really don't see a problem with my weight loss.

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Sep 12

I would just tell him the truth about this issue that you feel it was caused by other drs and what has happened to you believe it or not most drs. do understand.


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