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So I am newly in recovery and I have absolutelyno support th

So I am newly in recovery and I have absolutelyno support that understands what I am going through. When it comes to otrher people they think in black and white thinking and not about all the things Im struggling with an eating disorder. Is there anyone that would email me or will be a friend that I can relate with? I need help right now more thAN EVER

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Aug 9

@Believerinbetter Thank you! That means alot!

Believerinbetter's picture
Aug 9

@dearesterin No problem!

Sep 5

Hi, I'm sorry you are facing this with such little support. I have a phone number where you can call for help 1-800- NEW-LIFE or 1-855-771-HELP. These people can link you with individuals who can help.


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